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Fashion en Haute - A Night of Fashion in the Park

By joyarte
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  • 29 Aug

It's been particularly challenging these past few years. Major changes in the financial fabric of the country have hit many of us hard here at home, and some of it too close for comfort. In 2008, I began to feel things starting to slip, and I started to notice something that didn't make sense to me. I saw that there were lots of people struggling financially, or losing their jobs. But yet our country had postioned itself to help many people in many parts of the world, but somehow was missing one very important detail...the very people they needed to help were in it\s own backyard. Us, we, the people. Over these few years, my small jewelry company has seen many changes, some good, and some so not very good. But one thing that I was committed to was producing my product from my "home", meaning my product would continue to be proudly made in the USA, and even closer to home, here in San Antonio. I don't have a huge factory, I don't have a huge crew, but the few employees I do have live and work here. I support my own. In this way I can give back to the community that gives so much to me.

"As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others." -Audrey Hepburn

Which brings me to why this event is so special to me. First I get to collaborate with my good friend Calley, who started off as my intern while she completed her degree, and then continued to work with me as she developed her own clothing line. In a very short time, she has become one to watch in the San Antonio fashion design community, and is being sought after for her elegant formal and sports wear. Second, I wanted to celebrate another bond we share, one of ties to the military; she as retired Air Force, and myself as the daughter of a an Army officer. It is because of this, she and I felt that we should honor the many soldiers fighting for our country and their families here at home as part of this momentous night of giving back to the folks here in the "backyard\.

Calley and I are thrilled to show our latest works, and even more thrilled to have HeartsApart as our honored guests. This organization provides solace and resource for the many military spouses and families left behind while their soldier completes his mission in far away places. Through diversions, field trips or simple friendly gatherings,  the ongoing contact offers a great comfort to those separated from their loved ones. We hope Fashion en Haute can serve as one of those very needed diversions, while we all wait for Our Soldiers to come home.


Fashion en Haute - A Night of Fall Fashion in the Park

Hemisfair Park Tower of Americas

600 Hemisfair Plaza Way

San Antonio, TX


Presented by: Couture by Calley, LLC and joyarte by Priscilla Martinez

Benefitting Hearts Apart, San Antonio - providing support to local military families.

HemisFair Park at the Tower of the Americas


7pm - Mixer

8pm - Runway featuring the fall collections of the two designers

9pm - Meet the Designers and Special Honored Guests

Pre-Order available for Fall Collections

Cocktail Attire

Tickets $10 for reserved seating

Please join us!

Use the button in the left-hand column to purchase tickets.

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