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Kimya necklace featured on Judy Torres’ CD cover

By joyarte
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  • 02 Sep

Judy on the cover of her CD, I Don’t. Kimya necklace, 2007 collection.

NEW YORK, NY -- 15 July 2007

Kimya necklace featured on Judy Torres’ CD cover, I Don’t

Joyarte jewelry couture president and jewelry designer, Priscilla Martinez, announced the selection of joyarte jewelry couture to be worn by recording artist Judy Torres on the cover of her new CD single, I Don’t, released in July 2007. Sedona Boutique, in Hoboken, NJ, which carries joyarte jewelry couture, provided the piece to Ms. Torres.

“When I first walked into Sedona, the Kimya necklace just spoke to me,” says Ms. Torres. “It just felt like it possessed a delicate but strong nature – it was feminine. It was unique, and I just HAD to have it.”

Daisy Arroyo and Phil Erdaide, owners of Sedona, equally enjoyed working with the music and radio entertainer. “It was a thrill to help Judy find something that would enhance the image she wanted to create,” says Mr. Erdaide.

“We’ve carried joyarte jewelry couture for awhile now and every piece of joyarte we bring into the store sells very quickly,” adds Ms. Arroyo. “We knew the Kimya necklace would work well for Judy. We were pleased with the result.”

The joyarte Kimya prima multi-marquise necklace adorns Torres on the CD cover. A bold, asymmetric design

of interlocking, leaf shapes, the Kimya integrates color and movement, using green amethyst, garnet, smokey

quartz, olive quartz, citrine, tourmaline, and 14k Gold Fill.

“At the photo shoot…I just knew that necklace had…to be in the final picture,” says Ms. Torres. “The

necklace made me feel sexy, strong, feminine and genuinely powerful. Thank you for such a unique piece of


“We’re thrilled that Ms. Torres found the Kimya necklace and selected it for her CD cover image, a

complement to her music,” adds Ms. Martinez. “The photo is stunning. We look forward to future successful


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