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Small World, or What? A Kismet Collaboration

By priscilla
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  • 17 Nov

Featured earrings and color palette of a Fall/Winter runway event with joyarte and Malen Reyes Couture

Featured earrings and color palette of a Fall/Winter runway event with joyarte and Malen Reyes Couture

Is it a Small World, or What? A Kismet Collaboration

Yes. Yes it is.

After seeing a social media post from a Facebook friend about a gallery called San Antonio Artist Collective, I immediately wondered - how am I in San Antonio as a jewelry designer and not know about this gallery??

The next thing I know, I am seeing examples of the art exhibitions and beautiful gallery photos and of course, I am “liking” their posts. Suddenly,  I am pinged by a friend (a hockey dad I met through my son!) to let me in on the surprise and reveals that this dad turns out to be the mastermind of this Collective. What??? Awesome!

My friend, the owner, then says he’s got an artist in the gallery who is doing a fashion show coming up and would I be interested in collaborating to add jewelry to the mix? Heck yeah! So basically, I know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone. And there - you - go…!

I still can’t get over the testament to how you just never know who is going to be your next partner for a special project!

I am incredibly eager to collab with this artist - part of a mother/daughter team behind Malen Reyes Couture’s Fall/Winter Fashion show. The fun will be this Sunday, 19 November at the Village at Stone Oak. It will be along with a Pop-Up before and after the show featuring joyarte jewelry for sale, as well as select items from Malen Reyes Couture. The Art Collective opens at noon to allow tons of relaxed art browsing and shopping before the runway event at 4p.

What could be better than spending a fall afternoon with jewelry, fashion, and a glass of wine?? Did I mention there would be wine?…Yes! There will be wine and hors d’ouevres too!!

What I am also discovering about this is a ton of kismet. A multitude of things  seem to have magically happened recently, and it is a remarkable synergy bubbling in the art and fashion scene in San Antonio. So often I am witness to a marvelous sense of generosity of our art, skills and knowledge in our industries. More astonishing, is it’s becoming a rapidly growing trend.

I. am. LOVING this sense of community and supporting local! 

Having said that, I offer some food for thought to all designers and artists in San Antonio and it is this: Keep your horizons open for opportunities that are right around the corner, or that ping your Inbox, or your front door. Networking is a key…getting involved is easy…and sharing the wealth of knowledge is where things really begin to boomerang back.  And may I say, in such a rewarding way. If nothing else, just show up. Be present and open to whatever may come your way.

So here are the deets on this FREE EVENT – come join us! 

Malen Reyes Couture Presents Fall/Winter 2017 Fashion Show

Sunday November 19, 2017 

Doors Open @ 12 noon | Fashion Show @ 4pm 

**No Entry Fee**

Village Of Stone Oak

22610 US-281 Suite 107 ,San Antonio, TX 78258

Complimentary Wine & Hors d'oeuvres

Event Hosted By San Antonio Artists Collective

Enjoy A Great Diverse Art Exhibition

(Through November Weekend's)

A Beautiful Jewelry Collection Provided By joyarte jewelry couture By Priscilla Martinez

Music Host 

BOSS Audio Rentals

Photography Provided By

Tony Paez Photographer

Amazing Hair and Makeup Artist Provided By Avant Salon Spa

Makeup Provided By Talented Artist Amanda Padilla

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